'm Tina Klaus and I want to help you live a BIG life

I live in Denver, Colorado with my husband of 19 years, Jeff, and our dog Tulip. After battling bulimia nervosa and binge eating disorder for over 20 years and recovering for more than four, I created Don’t Live Small as a space to share my experiences and support others who are struggling with and suffering from an eating disorder. My goal is to provide a small break from the maddening thoughts, a sense of a connection to others, and offer new insights to help you gain a healthier perspective on your relationship with food and with yourself.

For me, living a BIG life means not allowing any one thing, including my eating disorder to define me.

While this experience has been a huge part of my life and contributed greatly to the person I am today, there’s much more to me and my life than my eating disorder. I’m a runner, a speaker and an artist. I can’t remember a time when creativity and art were not a fundamental part of my life. My relationship with my own creativity and vivid imagination has allowed me to express and cope with some of my innermost feelings and struggles when words seemed to fail me. As a result, creativity has given me a powerful voice and has played a vital role in my continued healing and recovery from my eating disorder.

My Blog offers inspiration, practical advice, supportive resources, and personal stories, all while giving you hope and encouragement that it’s never too late to start your own journey towards recovery. Through the progression of steps I’ve taken — asking for help, willingly entering a treatment program, being honest with myself, accepting the difficult and painful choices I needed to make, continued therapy honoring my values and my daily commitment to recovery — I have found the courage to create the life I want and to simply be me. If there is one important thing I’ve learned in my healing process it’s this:

Living a meaningful life can never be found in the disconnected, and empty space of an eating disorder. It will always require and convince you to look for your value and self-worth based upon a number on a scale. You will never find yourself there because as a human being you were never meant to be measured in such a small, superficial and insignificant way.

My wish is that you are able to come to this realization much sooner than I did. You deserve to have a purposeful and fulfilling life that is based on who you are as a person and what unique mark you decide make in the world.

Always remember, Don't Live Small, Live BIG!