Don't Live Small Inspirational Eating Disorder Blog


     i, I'm Tina Klaus an artist living in Denver, Colorado with my husband of 19 years, Jeff, and our feisty dog Tulip. I'm also the creator and the force behind Don't Live Small, an award winning inspirational eating disorder recovery blog where I share my story by speaking out about the chaos of eating disorders, the bumpy road to recovery and creating a BIG life. I've personally struggled and battled with bulimia nervosa and binge eating disorder for over half of my life. As a result I too am bravely walking through my own bumpy road to recovery and creating a meaningful life that matters to me.

My mission is to provide a real and honest perspective about the realities of eating disorder recovery. Giving encouragement and inspiration to those walking this bumpy road that there is no right way to recover. As well as offering those struggling and suffering with the chaos of an eating disorder a sense of connection in knowing that you are not alone because it’s never to late to turn things around.

I understand and know how lonely, scary, isolating, secretive, and out of control life feels in the throes of an eating disorder because I’ve lived through every stage of it. I missed out on so much of my life by allowing my eating disorder to take away my valuable time, mental energy and emotional space. I too often remind myself that recovery isn’t a destination where one day I will wake up and feel “fixed,” but rather it’s a slow mending process that follows an imperfect line where progress is made over time.


Nevertheless, through the progression of the steps I took in asking for help by entering treatment programs, being honest with myself, accepting the difficult and painful choices I needed to make for myself, continued therapy, honoring my values and my daily commitment to recovery; I have found the courage to create the life I want and to simply be me.

My hope is that you will get inspired from my writings since you deserve to have a purposeful and fulfilling life that is based upon who you are as a person and what unique mark you decide to make in the world. If there is one important thing I've learned in my healing process and that you are able to realize much sooner than I did, it would be this, "Living a meaningful life can never be found in the disconnected, and empty space of an eating disorder. It will always require and convince you to look for your value and self-worth based upon a number on a scale. You will never find yourself there because as a human being you were never meant to be measured in such a small, superficial and insignificant way.

Always remember, it’s never too late to start your own journey towards recovery but whatever you do Don't Live Small, Live BIG!