Let’s Just Be Who We Really Are
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Don't Live Small Founder | Tina Klaus
Tina Klaus
• Founder + Director of Don't Live Small

When I'm not writing articles about recovery for Don't Live Small and other orginizations. I like spending time with the person who means the most to me, my husband of 19 years, Jeff, and our feisty dog Tulip in Denver Colorado. I am a contemporary artist with a background in graphic design and Marketing. I've personally struggled and battled with bulimia nervosa and binge eating disorder for over half of my life. As a result I too am bravely walking through my own bumpy road to recovery and creating a meaningful life that matters to me.

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Don't Live Small | Dr. Michael Maley
Dr. Michael Maley PhD
• Co-Director + Contributor of Don't Live Small
• Eating Disorder Treatment Coordinator at University of   Colorado at Boulder
• Private Practice

I am licensed psychologist specializing in the treatment of individuals with eating disorders , body image issues, and survivors of trauma, abuse, and neglect. I attended the University of Denver where I earned my Master’s degree in 2001 and my Doctorate in 2006 in Counseling Psychology. Since that time, I've treated individuals with eating disorders in university counseling centers in Colorado and California and in partial and full hospitalization programs in the Denver area for Eating Recovery Center and Eating Disorder Center of Denver. I've worked extensively with people suffering from anorexia, bulimia, orthorexia and binge eating disorder.

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